Sound Blaster 16 ISA + Ubuntu (How To)

Me llega al correo electrónico una petición para que ponga el artículo de la instalación de la tarjeta Sound Blaster 16 en Ubuntu en inglés… Curiosa casualidad, dado que he mantenido una animada conversación por la mañana sobre Linux. Mi inglés ya no es, ni de lejos, lo que era pero se hará el intento:

My english is not as good as it was so, first of all, I have to apologize about that. A reader told me in a mail this morning I should put the post about how to install the Sound Blaster 16 into Ubuntu, in english so here I am, trying to do that.

The Sound Blaster 16 was a very usual sound card in the ISA days and it is possible to use it under Ubuntu Linux even when it is not detected after the instalation.

First step: I needed to adjust a slot as ‘Legacy ISA’ in my BIOS with IRQ 5 and DMA 1, the default setting was ‘Plug&Play. Note that this step may or may not be necessary in your computer.

Second step: Download Alsa Utils, and untar the archive where you want and do ./configure and ./make. Then run ‘sudo alsaconf’ follow the screen instructions marking ‘Sound Blaster 16’ after the program tells you it cannot detect any plug&play sound card. Remember you have to use IRQ 5 and DMA 1.

Last step: at the end of alsaconf you should have the SB16 working, now add ‘sb-16’ to your /etc/modules so the system will load the module automatically the next time you start the system…


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